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August 5th, 2018: New Schedule

As discussed in class, our new schedule (beginning September 4th) with class descriptions has been posted to our website. Be sure to check it out!

July 28th, 2018: Exciting News! We’re Moving!

Effective September 4th, 2018 our new address is 112 Curtis Street (Also the home of Dance Pointe).

Classes will still be held on Tuesdays & Saturdays but we now have TWO rooms so we will be able to run two classes concurrently. This means we’ll be able to run junior & senior classes at the same time, as well as add new classes!

Other benefits include a separate & comfortable waiting room for parents, improved washroom & change room facilities & lots of free parking. There is also potential dance classes for siblings not currently enrolled in our program.

In addition to Curriculum Classes, you can also look forward to NEW Junior & Senior Sparring, Weapons & Self Defense, as well as a Strength & Agility Class. Stay tuned for an updated schedule!

Our first day at our NEW location will be Tuesday September 4th. Please join us on September 8th to celebrate our new location with cake & refreshments.

We’re so happy to be able to continue to improve & grow our club!

July 14th, 2018: Congratulations Master Jess

Our Club spent the afternoon at Skyzone to celebrate Master Jess getting hired as a Police Officer. We are all so grateful for everything Master Jess has done for our club and while she insists she isn’t going anywhere it just won’t be the same without her there at every class. We wish her all the best and look forward to her visiting as often as she can!

June 24th, 2018: Black Belt World Championships

It was a long day for Noah D. at the Black Belt World Championships in Mississauga; He walked in with a game plan and goal for the day, and he walked off the floor with a Bronze in Poomsae, a GOLD in Sparring and all goals exceeded! This kid works SO hard & it shows!

Great job Noah, we are all so proud of you!

June 23rd, 2018: Belt Test

What a great belt test we had today!

Amber & John have been promoted to Yellow Belt, Ginger to Advanced Yellow Belt, Noah D. & Daniel to Advanced Green & Cole & Chris to Advanced Blue.

Congratulations to all!

April 28th, 2018: John Lemieux Tournament

On Saturday our club competed at our favourite local tournament, the John Lemieux Memorial Tournament. Results are as follows:

Colour Belts:

7 & Under, Novice:

Dagon: Silver- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring

10-11yrs, Intermediate:
Eris: Silver- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring

Taylor: GOLD- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring

12-13yrs, Intermediate
Josh: Bronze- Sparring, Self Defense- Silver
Noah D: GOLD- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring, Silver- Self Defense

Noah C: Silver- Poomsae, Bronze- Sparring, Silver- Self Defense

14-15yrs, Intermediate:

Jessica: Silver- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring, GOLD- Self Defense

16+, Intermediate:
Daniel: Silver- Poomsae, Bronze- Self Defense
Brianna: Silver- Poomsae, Silver- Sparring, Silver- Self Defense
Chris: GOLD- Poomsae, Bronze- Sparring

Craig: Bronze- Sparring

Black Belts:

14-15yrs, Black Belt:

Aidan: Silver- Poomsae, GOLD- Self Defense

16-34yrs, Black Belt:
Amanda: Bronze- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring

Great job, everyone! Please check out our Instagram for pictures!

April 14th, 2018: Belt Test

The bad weather yesterday didn’t stop us from having a GREAT Belt Test! Congratulations to all our students!
Our Little Ninjas Phoenix, Lucas & Jacob move up to Yellow Belt, as well as our adult student, Melanie. An Advanced Yellow Belt for Dagon & an Advanced Green Belt for his older sister, Eris. Blue Belt for Jess & Assistant Black Belt for Darren. Great job, everyone!

March 31st, 2018: Fun Sparring Day

Our friend Josh from Dutton Tae Kwon Do was kind enough to organize & invite us to a fun sparring day to prepare for our favourite local tournament coming up in a month. We had two students, Danielle & Bailey, who haven’t competed competitively attend in addition to our group of students that compete regularly. Danielle, our little ninja from Springfield, although very nervous won her match & Bailey really turned it on with some beautiful high sectioned kicks & won her matches as well! Also in attendance were Cole, Noah D, Aidan, Darren & Amanda who all won their matches as well. Great job everyone & thank you for hosting us Josh!

March 24th, 2018: Tristar TKD Tournament

Noah D & Jess competed at the Tournament on Saturday with GREAT results!

Noah came out with a strong performance of Tae Guk Sam Jang, followed by a silver in sparring!
Jess came out with a strong performance of Tae Guk O Jang, earning her a Silver in her poomsae division, followed by a silver in sparring after one heck of a nail biting final match that went into sudden death!

Check out the videos of their Poomsae on our Instagram!

March 3rd, 2018: Sport Open TKD Tournament

Our first tournament of the year & it was a long, but GREAT day!

Taylor: Bronze- Poomsae, GOLD- Sparring, 4th- Physical Competition
Cole: Bronze- Sparring
Noah D: DOUBLE GOLD- Poomsae & Sparring, Bronze- Physical Competition
Brianna: Bronze- Poomsae, Bronze- Sparring

February 13th, 2018: Belt Testing

Our first belt testing of 2018 was a success!

One of our little ninjas, Riley earned his yellow belt.

Rachel, Daniel, and Noah D. Earned their green belts. Taylor and Julie their advanced green. Our highest belt of the night was Noah C. earning his advanced blue belt, he is now our newest junior assistant. Great work guys!

February 8th, 2018:

Master Jess spent the morning of February 8th teaching  the Options Program at St Clair College. Great energy and enthusiasm from these young adults.

December 16th, 2017: Belt Testing

Our last belt testing of 2017 was a success!

Ginger, Kate, Cole, Makayla, Ethan, and Jennifer all earned their yellow belts!

Amber earned her advanced yellow belt, Emma green, and Maggie and Brianna their advanced green belts.

Craig and Chris achieved their blue belt, Stan his red/black combination belt, and Alex his assistant black belt.

Great test everyone, keep up the hard work!

December 9th, 2017: Myung’s 18th Annual Ultimate TKD Championships

On Saturday we travelled to Scarborough for a couple of our students to compete at Myung’s Ultimate TKD Championships. Noah D. earned a silver medal in the 12-14 year old Poomsae Division with a strong performance of Tae Guk Sam Jang, with only 0.4 of a point separating him from first place. Noah also competed in sparring & came home with a bronze after a tough match. Great job, Noah!


Aidan had some tough competition for his first time competing as a black belt, but he rose to the occasion with a powerful showing of Koryo. First competition as a black belt, but hopefully not his last. Great job, Aidan!


November 18th, 2017: Santa Claus Parade

Precision Tae Kwon Do entered the Santa Claus Parade for the first time this year as “Santa’s Security!” Our demonstration team worked hard the last month to put together a fun, but challenging choreographed routine to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells.” While it was a wet evening they all performed exceptionally well and it turned out to be a pretty fun evening! Thank you to everyone who sat on our float, offered their time/decorations and supported us from the sidelines!

October 7th, 2017: Jung Ko Canadian Classic Championships

On Saturday a group of our competitive students competed at the Jung Ko Canadian Classic in Markham. It was a great day and all left smiling! The results are as follows:

Noah C. earned a Bronze in Poomsae with his amazing Tae Guk Yuk Jang!

Noah D. earned Double Bronze in Poomsae & Sparring at his first tournament!

Cole R. just moved up a belt division after his test less than two weeks prior and earned Silver in Poomsae & Bronze in Sparring.

Josh T. earned Silver in Poomsae with a great showing of Tae Guk Sam Jang as well as Bronze in Sparring.

Jess T. earned a Bronze in Poomsae with a great showing of O Jang as well as a Silver in Sparring.

Great job to all our students. Keep working hard!

September 26th, 2017: Belt Test

We had another great colour belt test tonight! These students continued to come and train with us throughout the hot summer months and all their hard work paid off last night. The following students earned their belts:

Seth- Orange Belt.

Daniel, Jenie & Noah D.- Advanced Orange Belt.

Eris- Green Belt.

Jackson & Cole R.- Blue Belt.

Our high belt of the night, and one of our Assistant Instructor’s, Scottie, has been promoted to White/Black Combination Belt. Scottie displayed great cardio & stamina as he was put through his paces and sparred many 1 on 1, 2 on 1 & 3 on 1 matches required for his belt test. Great job Scottie!


August 21st-25th, 2017: Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp

We had a very successful week of camp. We refined patterns and self-defense, worked with bo staffs, and did a lot of sparring. Everyone increased their flexibility, strength, and Korean terminology!

August 5th: Belt Test 

We had a great belt testing today! Rachel received her Advanced Orange Belt. Alexa, Sofia, and Hugo earned their Advanced Green Belt, Darren his Red/Black Combination Belt, and Jessica her 4th Dan Black Belt. We also gained a new Black Belt as Aidan tested and earned his 1st Poom Black Belt at only 14 years old!

August 1st: Demonstration at John Wise Public School

July 21st: Demonstration at Locke’s Public School

Precision had their first demonstration of the season! Special thanks to Lockes Public School’s Summer Program for having us!

We are looking for more motivated, hard working students to join our team. If you’re interested in joining our demo team our next session starts TOMORROW!

June 3rd, 2017: Son’s Premier Taekwondo Championship

Our athletes demonstrated perseverance and indomitable spirit to earn their hardware at Son’s Premier Taekwondo Championship.
Dagon – Bronze in poomsae, Bronze in sparring.
Eris – Bronze in poomsae, Bronze in sparring.
Cole – Bronze in poomsae, GOLD in sparring.
Jenie – Silver in poomsae, Silver in sparring.
Craig – Gold in poomsae, Silver in sparring.

May 27th, 2017: Belt Testing

Great colour belt test today!

Binu, Cole, Noah and Jack were promoted to Yellow Belt. Emma was promoted to Advanced Orange Belt, and Taylor to Green Belt. Keep up the hard work!

May 13th 2017: Taekwondo Grand Prix

Another long but successful day at the Authentic Taekwondo Grand Prix!

Cole competed with a very strong Tae Guk Sa Jang in the boys 10-11 Green-Blue Stripe belt division earning him fourth out of over 16 competitors.

After two tough matches, Taylor earned a silver medal in her weight class in the 10-11 Yellow-Green Stripe division.

Emma earned a gold medal with Tae Guk E Jang against a large class of 16 Competitors in the boys/girls 10-11 Yellow-Green Stripe division. Great job! We are so proud of you all. Onto the next one!

May 7th 2017: John Lemieux Memorial Tournament

22 of our students competed at one of our favourite open tournaments; the John Lemieux Memorial Tournament. This local tournament is one we always enjoy going to spend the day at with our students and their families and making new friends. They offer opportunities to compete in Self Defense, Patterns & Sparring. Our final medal count is as follows:

11 Competed in Self Defense:
Gold: 4
Silver: 3
Bronze: 2

A shout out to Maggie, who at her first tournament brought home Gold! Maggie was very nervous leading up to show time but the nerves went away when she was called up to perform. Great job Maggie!

21 Competed in Patterns:
Gold: 4
Silver: 8
Bronze: 8

A shout out to Alexa, whose performance of Tae Guk Sa Jang earned her a gold medal. I watched Alexa’s pattern from a few rings over and her stances, blocks and kicks were exactly what the WTF Standard calls for. Well done Alexa!

14 Competed in Sparring:
Gold: 6
Silver: 3
Bronze: 5

A shout out to Jenie, who at her very first tournament came home with Double Gold in Sparring & Patterns! As well as a shout out to Mike who received a nasty break in his hand while sparring and still managed to finish his match with a silver!

Lastly, big congratulations to Brett, one of our three Head Instructors. For those of you who didn’t see, Brett fought two matches back to back. He demonstrated great skill and perseverance earning him a gold medal in the Men’s Black Belt division. Way to go!!

Congratulations to everyone who competed, we are so proud of our team! In an effort to keep this post short I can’t mention everyone but everyone(!!) who was there deserves a shout out and Brett, Jess and I will be happy to brag about our team members if you just ask! We have lots of tournaments coming up in the future and we look forward to our continued success!

April 1st 2017: Sport TKD Open

Great job to those who competed at the Sport TKD Open! Great energy and effort guys!

Taylor – 1st in Kyurooki, 1st in Poomsae.
Hannah – 1st in Kyurooki.
Emma – 3rd in Kyurooki, 2nd in Poomsae.
Noah – 2nd in Kyurooki, 3rd in Poomsae.
Aidan – 3rd in Poomsae, 1st in Physical Competition.
Scottie – 2nd in Kyurooki, 3rd in Poomsae.
Brianna – 2nd in Kyurooki.
Julie – 2nd in Kyurooki, 3rd in Poomsae.

March 25th, 2017: Belt Testing

Successful colour belt test!

Two of our little ninja’s Drayden and Dagon were promoted to Yellow Belt. Jenie, Daniel, and Cheysna earned their Orange Belts. Josh to Advanced Orange Belt. Julie and Brianna to Green Belt. Chris and Craig to Advanced Green. Finally after a year of hard work Noah earned his Blue Belt!

March 11th 2017: Tri Star Championship

Tri Star Championship! You all worked very hard and earned your trophies and medals.
Hannah – Second in sparring
Emma – Second in poomsae, First in sparring
Noah – Third in sparring
Brianna – Second in poomsae, Third in sparring
Julie – Third in poomsae, Third in sparring

This was our first tournament of the season and everyone who competed from our club earned a trophy or medal which is amazing considering the amount of competitors!

January 21st, 2017: Belt Testing

An exciting belt test!

Rachel and Hannah earned their Orange Belts, Mike Advanced Orange Belt, Maggie Green Belt. Cole and Jackson earned Advanced Green Belts. Darren and Stan were promoted to Advanced Red Belt, an Alex to Red/Black Combination.

We are very excited to have gained a black belt. After years of dedication and training Rowan achieved her 1st Dan Black Belt!