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Classes & Pricing


We start training students as young as four years of age and offer several different classes to fit each student’s needs. With two locations to serve you better, Precision is sure to have something for everyone! Please contact us for more information & for our current class schedule.

Not sure Tae Kwon Do is for you? No problem! Come try a class for free before committing.

Little Ninja’s (ages 4-9):



We start children as young as four in our specialized Little Ninjas program where the focus is on having fun! Ninjas will develop balance, coordination, discipline and listening skills while getting an education on basic taekwondo skills such as punching, kicks and blocks. Little Ninja classes typically start with a game for warm up followed by basic stretching, and then the skill they are working on for the week. We try to mix it up and not spend too much time on any one activity since their minds are always working and they are very busy! Typically, students receive three tips before they belt test for their Yellow Belt. To keep Ninja’s engaged and motivated, we break the tips into smaller, more manageable sections and have an Advanced Ninja belt in between White and Yellow Belt .





Our Beginner Class focuses on further developing our kicks, punches and blocks for those students that have graduated on from our little ninjas program, and lays the ground work for all our other students who have just begun their martial arts journey. Class typically consists of warm up, which is strength and cardio based, followed by a good stretch. At Precision we pride ourselves on being flexible and pushing ourselves and our students just beyond their comfort zone to further develop their flexibility. We try to mix up what we do in each class to keep our student’s on their toes and so our bodies do not get used to just one way of doing something. Our beginner classes are a great mix of fun coupled with respect and discipline. Goal setting, increased confidence, cardio and muscle tone are just a few things students will further develop in our beginner class.


Intermediate Class:



Now that we have the basics down we can have even more fun! Advanced kicking drills, combinations, stances and footwork drills are just a few of the things our intermediate class focuses on. Students in this class will develop leadership skills as they start to help assist lower belts, as well as further develop their stamina with various cardio exercises throughout class. Like all our other classes, one of our main focuses is flexibility. Students can expect to do more advanced and deeper stretches in this class.






Students in this class will further develop their leadership skills by being given tasks such as group work, and eventually, assisting a class. Advanced students will spend more time on cardio and strength training by doing various exercises such as jumping kicks, relays, body weight exercises and station rotation.


Adult Beginner (13+):



Learn Tae Kwon Do, make friends and get in shape while doing so! Many of our adult students join as an alternative way to stay fit instead of going to the gym. Progress at your own pace in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. We strive to be a place of positivity where students can come release stress and forget about any negativities that may have troubled them that day. After training with us students are happier, healthier, and more flexible.


Family Class (All Belts, All Ages):



This class is perfect for people who have young children that are looking to instill healthy lifestyle values at a young age. It`s a great time to be fun and active with your child, while still learning the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do.






Once you have a few basic kicks (We recommend once you receive your tip for basic kicks on your white belt) we encourage all our students to attend sparring class. Sparring is fighting an opponent with control under set rules. Your safety is always our number one priority! We encourage all students to use control when sparring and provide chest protectors and helmets to minimize the risk of injury; Students are also required to wear a mouth guard. Once students have donned the appropriate gear it’s time to spar! Students will learn Olympic style, as well as non-traditional style sparring, along with appropriate footwork, timing drills, counter and advanced combinations. Students that attend sparring class have increased cardio, are faster and more confident in all other aspects of their martial arts training.






Students may wish to take their martial arts journey one step further into the world of competition. Precision Tae Kwon Do attends both sanctioned & non sanctioned events, as well as open martial arts events. We believe this helps to create a more well rounded martial artist and fighter. We typically attend 6-10 events per year and travel as far as 2 ½ hours one way. (You may pick which events to attend). Competitive students MUST attend sparring class in order to compete in sparring and it is recommended they attend a minimum of two regular classes per week in addition to sparring class. Training for competitions is a lot of hard work but the results speak for themselves and we always have a blast wherever we go!



Demonstration Team:


Students selected to attend demo team will attend events within the community showcasing various Tae Kwon Do skills. Regular attendance is required.



FEES (All prices include taxes):

Individual Membership
Classes 1-2/Week 3/Week 3+/Week
Per Month $70 $85 $105
Family Membership
(Two or more from the same family)
Classes 1-2/Week 3/Week 3+/Week
Per Month $110 $145 $175

*** NEW MEMBER SPECIAL: Eight Classes & a Uniform for $93.50 ***