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What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean martial art known for its kicking and fast hand techniques. Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic sport that combines combat and self defense techniques with sport and exercise.


Is there an age limit?/Am I too old to join?

You are never too old to join! We have trained students as young as four, up into their 70s. All ages have something to gain from learning Tae Kwon Do.


What can I/my child expect to learn from Tae Kwon Do?/What can Tae Kwon Do teach me?

While training in Tae Kwon Do you can expect to learn proper self defense techniques, patterns, as well as a series of kicks, blocks, punches, and stances (both basic & advanced). Students will also be taught how to break boards with a number of techniques, and learn, and participate in sparring. Students also have the option to go one step further and compete with their patterns, and spar at tournaments.


Are there other benefits to learning Tae Kwon Do?


Yes! In addition to learning self defense, patterns, and proper sparring techniques, students can also expect to gain:

Physically: Develop strength, speed, balance, coordination, as well as increased flexibility, stamina, & better overall health. Tae Kwon Do also develops respect, discipline, confidence, & leadership skills. Students have also noted having better focus/concentration, as well as better memorization skills after training in Tae Kwon Do.


What equipment do I need to participate?

For your first couple classes all you need is clothes you can move freely in. Once you know Tae Kwon Do is the sport for you, and you would like to continue training you will need to purchase a uniform which consists of pants, tops, and your white belt. You do not need shoes to participate as Tae Kwon Do is done in bare feet.


What are tips, and what do they mean?

Tips are pieces of tape that your instructor will put on your belt to signify that you know the skills for that particular belt level. You need a certain amount of hours to be considered to be tip tested (your instructor will keep track for you). A tip test is a mini 5-10 minute training session where your instructor will guide you through a series of movements. Tip tests usually consist of kick combinations, blocks, self defense, or patterns. You need three tips to be able to test for your next belt; Little Ninja’s need six tips.


How often do students get tips?

How fast students receive tips is dependent on how many hours you train per week; the more you train, the faster you’ll progress!


What is a pattern?

A pattern, or “poomsae” in Korean, is a series of moves put together to simulate fighting. Patterns are the traditional part of martial arts. They are meant to demonstrate your power, control, technique, and flow with a cadence. Most belts typically require you to learn a new pattern to be promoted.


How do belt promotions work?

In order to test for your next belt you need three tips on your belt. When your instructor thinks you are ready you will be given a testing form that has questions you are required to answer, as well as some basic Korean terminology you will be expected to know. Testing days will be announced a few weeks-months in advance to make sure the student has ample preparation time. Promotion tests are an additional fee.


What is the dress code?

A full uniform is required from October 1st– April 30th. Students may elect to wear club t-shirts for sparring class. Club t-shirts may also be worn during our warmer months from May 1st– September 30th, with the exception being for belt tests.

A full uniform is described as:

-White long sleeve dobok top

-White or black Tae Kwon Do pants

-Your belt


How long will it take me to graduate each belt rank? How long will it take me to become a black belt?

Everyone is different! The more you train, the faster you will progress through the belt ranks.